We are all in this together...

#SweetPR: Prescriptions in our beautiful country cost way too much. It's a fact, and a budget eater for many homes. It doesn't matter what your socioeconomic background is, as no one should have to pay so much to stay healthy. That is why we have decided at the Wicked Apple Agency to do what we can to help out. With this in mind, our team will be putting out useful information that can save your life, save you money and save you time. We all have to work together, folks. If you have a cost saving idea for pharmaceutical or holistic medicine, medical or dental, please let us know! Heck, if you have a cost solution to anything, let us know. Lets help each other, as it all starts at the grassro

ACRM 2018 was a huge success!

#ACRM2018 was a huge Success! Thank you to our awesome clients #encompasshealth Thank you to our outstanding team including TLC Event Rentals, Harry Photo, Ellen's Restaurant, Max Vols Staffing, Central Market, Andy Austin and Balloon City. And a special shout out to the WAM team! Kayla, Donovan, Cyra, Rikki, Mike, Belinda, Aaron and Amanda - You ROCK!

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