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West End Night Market Offers Unique Shopping Experience

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The West End is known for a lot of things, but did you know there is a West End Night Market? Its true. Twice a month technology enthusiasts converge on the Dallas West End and create a unique and fun market full of interesting things. Who knew that there were so many people that buy, sell and trade old computer parts. Buts thats not all – If you are looking for old mobile phones, computer equipment, software or maybe even an Aggie inspired homemade Margarita machine (at TJ’s Emporium) – this is your place. Hey ingenuity was the mother of invention, right?

The event is always on the 1st and 3rd Saturday. Vendors come out and setup at 7 pm on Friday and the sale continues ALL NIGHT untilSaturday afternoon. Yes, ALL NIGHT. Can you imagine buying, trading and selling in an all night market in Dallas. The group boasts the best hours to shop are after 8 pm on Friday evening and Saturday morning after 7. If you have something to buy, sell or trade, they also have a regular message board. You can simply post it on the Sidewalk Sale message board and then meet with them at the sale. Safe, easy and fun.

The group is even good enough to tell you the best place to park, saying the best deal “is just across the street on the Star Parking Lot # 6 at 501 N. Houston St.” . Good stuff to note for the New Year, and great stuff to be had in the future.

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