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  • Kayla Robbins

Watermelon Mojito WOW!

Summer is that time of year here in the great state of Texas where being out for a mere five minutes in the heat can make you feel like Momba melting. We have been keeping hydrated this summer with watermelon juice, which also tends to find its way into our cocktail glasses, too.

Watermelon Mojito

10-20 Mint Leaves

1 Sugar Cube (or a teaspoon of sugar)

1 Tiny Pinch of Salt

1 Lime, juiced

2 Oz White Rum

½ Cup of Watermelon Juie

¼ Cup of Club Soda

Ice, best crushed


Tumbler glass

We listed proportions, but rarely measure a cocktail ourselves, save the alcohol. The watermelon juice to club soda ratio is up to you to decide for your own tastes, along with the amount of mint leaves you use. Start by tearing up your mint leaves and tossing them to the bottom of your empty drinking glass. Add your sugar and tiny pinch of salt, muddle a little to get the mint torn up a little further and muddle again after adding your lime juice. Next, add your ice, then your rum and watermelon juice. Give it a stir or two and then add club soda. Garnish with a lice of lime, watermelon, and/or a sprig of mint. If you drink with a straw, we implore you to go with a reusable option such as steel, silicone, or glass! Now you’re set to beat the heat wherever you are! Be sure to follow our instagram and share your own versions of this drink and more, @thecocktailchannel!

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