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  • Kayla Robbins

You need a Caramel Canyon in your life...

Our recent trip to the Texas Panhandle inspired us to create a drink that reflects the Panhandle’s unique look and attitude. Palo Duro Canyon inspired this creation, the Caramel Canyon! Here’s the recipe!

Caramel Canyon

2 Tbsp of Hot Fudge Sauce

1-2 Tbsp Salted Caramel Sauce

2 Ounces Whiskey

1 Cup of Ice Cream of your choice

½ Cup of milk or milk substitute

¼ Cup of Heavy Cream

1 Drinking Glass (Tulip Recommended)

Measuring Cup full of ice Water

To make this, first, you will need to tackle the glass and sauces. Heat up your fudge and caramel sauces in the microwave for a few seconds. The order you do them in is up to you, but you can see we did fudge first. Pour the fudge in the glass and move the glass around, rolling it and keeping it upside down, too, so the sauce is coating the inside of the glass. Come in and do the same with the caramel to finish coating. Here is where your swirling technique really comes into play to get that canyon wall look. Once you are done and satisfied with your coverage, we recommend you take the ice water in your measuring cup and pour it over the glass, while the glass if upside down, to start cooling the glass before you put it in the freezer. Once you have put your glass in the freezer, upside down, to finish cooling and setting the sauces, go ahead and get started on your milkshake. Combine ice cream, whiskey, and milk in a blender and adjust recipe as needed and wanted. You can throw in fresh fruit, bits of candy, whatever you want, it is your preference here! Once your milk shake is finished, throw it in the freezer a few minutes if the glass needs more time to set and chill. Make some whipped cream with your heavy cream and a little drizzle of that caramel syrup in it! Take glass from freezer when ready, pour your shake in it, top with some cream, and, you can see here, we topped the cream with a little more caramel. The only thing we were missing was the cherry! Change it up if you want, maybe even try new sauces. Please tell us what you think of this recipe and tell us about any interesting spins you put on it! We love getting drink pics, too!

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