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When your client graces the cover of TIME Magazine...

TIME Magazine

#SweetPR: We are SO excited to finally be able to share that our clients at Ellen's are on the cover of TIME magazine. It was an incredible experience working with TIME reporter Melissa Chan, and multimedia artist JR, on this special issue, and regardless of your thoughts on the topic, TIME made sure to cover all aspects. This is not only a cover piece, but will become a traveling exhibit, telling the stories of each individual on the cover. We are so proud we are of Joe, Chef, Cyra and Judith for speaking their mind on the topic. Each voice is different, but each voice is heard. The American Way. You will find the team placed prominently on the cover, right in front of the American Flag and next to the T in TIME.

For more information about this and other WAM client projects , please contact us at #OnTheCoverOfTime #TimeMagazine WAMBAM

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