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  • Marla Watson, Publicist

Dallas West End - Reimagined

It was really neat to see the #reimagined arches in the Dallas West End, as they were lit for the first time tonight.

The original neon arches ran through #DallasAlley, and sadly were not savable as the district underwent restoration and revitalization.

So begins the evolution into a new future. Introducing the new #LED arches, bridging the district forward! .. .. We are lucky to have been bequeath some really great historic pictures over the years of the West End, so we have included an original #dallasalley slide. Thank you to Dallas Innovation Alliance Downtown Dallas, Inc. the #DallasWestEndAssociation , all the West End businesses and everyone who made this happen! 💙

.. #MyDowntownDallas #DallasAlley #HistoricDallasWestEnd#BridgingTheDistrick #BehindEveryBreakLiesStory#DallasOfTheFuture #PrettyLights #ComeBackWhenItsDark#DallasWestEnd @ Dallas West End

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